A new compound that boosts muscle growth by  700% is out, and it is all natural. It's a plant that was discovered in Africa.  It's the #1 muscle builder of 2012 and is clinically proven, 100% natural, builds testosterone and reduces abdominal fat.  

Most protein wheys or steroids are made up of chemicals and artificial ingredients that can damage your liver and heart and make you grow stronger in quick but very unnatural ways.  

Unlike the typical protein wheys, C-9 T11 has lots of clinical research to prove that this is all-natural, legal and safe to use.  One study published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise shows an average 202% increase in muscle strength in 6 weeks.  A study published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise shows an average 700% increase in muscle growth in 7 weeks. There was also research done by Kent University to show a 9-fold increase in biceps.  The compound lowers cholesterol, blood sugar and fat.  

If this is truly a natural plant, it may be very helpful for athletes since the amount of protein can help with injury prevention (wear and tear) and with recovery after your workout. It also could boost the competitive level in future athletic sports.  

However, this performance-enhancing drug is in question whether it should be banned for sports since it is giving athletes an unfair advantage. 

Should C-9 T11 be permitted for sporting events and competitions?  Is this supplement as natural as they say it is?  You be the judge.  

What do you think of this new compound?  Do you think C-9 T11 should be illegal for athletes and considered like a steroid since it dramatically improves your strength?  Can you trust these articles and research statements even if it is from an accredited source? If this is truly natural, how could this change our future with athletes and pro sports?

Please read more information from the articles below and then do your own research.  Share your thoughts about this new natural supplement.  Also, feel free to post other related links that you come across that relate and might be interesting for us to read.

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07/26/2013 5:47am

no i think i should buy therm all before they banned it

06/12/2014 6:19pm

no I think that it shouldn't be used for athletes but should be legal


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